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Hopfield-like open channel retrieval for disordered optical media

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posted on 2023-01-10, 03:21 authored by Marco Leonetti, Luca Leuzzi, Giancarlo Ruocco
The measurement of the optical Transmission Matrix (TM) enables to access "open channels": input patterns, specific to each scattering structure, capable to deliver very high transmission. Various approaches, based either on multiple interferometric measurements or on systematic random testing of incident wavefronts, enable to estimate the inputs required to excite these open channels. Here, we provide for the first time an approach enabling the complete and reference-less retrieval of the open channels. It is based on the full mapping all the pairwise interference terms resulting from all the input modes couples. We show that these interference terms are organized into a bi-dyadic coupling matrix whose eigenvalues enables to access the open channel. A disordered optical system, is thus behaving exactly like an Hopfield neural network, where a specific input vector (an eigenvalue of the neurons' coupling matrix) enables to retrieve a specific memory pattern. The proposed Hopfield like open-channel-retrieval approach, enables to reach almost 100$\%$ of the theoretically expected value of the Intensity. Moreover employing a digital micromirror device to modulate light, we demonstrate high speed laser scanning at the back of a disordered medium.



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