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How squeezed states both maximize and minimize the same notion of quantumness

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:58 authored by Aaron Z. Goldberg, Khabat Heshami
Beam splitters are routinely used for generating entanglement between modes in the optical and microwave domains, requiring input states that are not convex combinations of coherent states. This leads to the ability to generate entanglement at a beam splitter as a notion of quantumness. A similar, yet distinct, notion of quantumness is the amount of entanglement generated by two-mode squeezers (i.e., four-wave mixers). We show that squeezed-vacuum states, paradoxically, both minimize and maximize these notions of quantumness, with the crucial resolution of the paradox hinging upon the relative phases between the input states and the devices. Our notion of quantumness is intrinsically related to eigenvalue equations involving creation and annihilation operators, governed by a set of inequalities that leads to generalized cat and squeezed-vacuum states.



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