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Hyperspectral acquisition with ScanImage at the single pixel level: Application to time domain coherent Raman imaging

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posted on 2024-02-09, 17:00 authored by Samuel Metais, Sisira Suresh, Paulo Diniz, Siddarth Shivkumar, Randy Bartels, Nicolas Forget, Hervé Rigneault
We present a comprehensive strategy and its practical implementation using the commercial ScanImage software platform to perform hyperspectral point scanning microscopy when a fast time dependent signal varies at each pixel level. In the proposed acquisition scheme the scan along the X axis is slowed down while the data acquisition is maintained at high pace to enable the rapid acquisition of the time dependent signal at each pixel level. The ScanImage generated raw 2D images have a very asymmetric aspect ratio between X and Y, the X axis encoding both for space and time acquisition. The results are X axis macro-pixel where the associated time depend signal is sampled therefore providing an hyperspectral information. We exemplified the proposed hyperspectral scheme in the context of time domain coherent Raman imaging where a pump pulse impulsively excites molecular vibrations that are subsequently probed by a time delayed probe pulse. In this case the time dependent signal is a fast acousto-optics delay line that can scan a delay of 4.5ps in 25$\mu$s, at each pixel level. We this acquisition scheme we demonstrate ultra-fast hyperspectral vibrational imaging in the low frequency range [10$cm^{-1}$, 150 $cm^{-1}$] over a 500 $\mu m$ field of view in 14ms (7 frames/s). The proposed acquisition scheme can be readily extended to other applications requiring to acquired a fast evolving signal at each pixel level.



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