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Impact of cavity geometry on microlaser dynamics

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posted on 2023-04-06, 16:01 authored by Kyungduk Kim, Stefan Bittner, Yuhao Jin, Yongquan Zeng, Qi Jie Wang, Hui Cao
We experimentally investigate spatio-temporal lasing dynamics in semiconductor microcavities with various geometries, featuring integrable or chaotic ray dynamics. The classical ray dynamics directly impacts the lasing dynamics, which is primarily determined by the local directionality of long-lived ray trajectories. The directionality of optical propagation dictates the characteristic length scales of intensity variations, which play a pivotal role in nonlinear light-matter interactions. While wavelength-scale intensity variations tend to stabilize lasing dynamics, modulation on much longer scales causes spatial filamentation and irregular pulsation. Our results will pave the way to control the lasing dynamics by engineering the cavity geometry and ray dynamical properties.



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