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Improving Fast Auto-Focus with Event Polarity

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posted on 2023-03-20, 16:02 authored by Yuhan Bao, Lei Sun, Yuqin Ma, Diyang Gu, Kaiwei Wang
Fast and accurate auto-focus in adverse conditions remains an arduous task. The emergence of event cameras has opened up new possibilities for addressing the challenge. This paper presents a new high-speed and accurate event-based focusing algorithm. Specifically, the symmetrical relationship between the event polarities in focusing is investigated, and the event-based focus evaluation function is proposed based on the principles of the event cameras and the imaging model in the focusing process. Comprehensive experiments on the public event-based autofocus dataset (EAD) show the robustness of the model. Furthermore, precise focus with less than one depth of focus is achieved within 0.004 seconds on our self-built high-speed focusing platform. The dataset and code will be made publicly available.



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