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Incubating Advances in Integrated Photonics with Emerging Sensing and Computational Capabilities

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posted on 2024-04-02, 16:00 authored by Sourabh Jain, May Hlaing, Kang Chieh Fan, Jason Midkiff, Shupeng Ning, Chenghao Feng, Po Yu Hsiao, Patrick Camp, Ray Chen
As photonic technologies continue to grow in multidimensional aspects, integrated photonics holds a unique position and continuously presents enormous possibilities to research communities. Applications span across data centers, environmental monitoring, medical diagnosis, and highly compact communication components, with further possibilities growing endlessly. Here, we provide a review of state of the art integrated photonic sensors operating in near and mid infrared wavelength regions on various material platforms. Among different materials, architectures, and technologies leading the way for on chip sensors, we discuss optical sensing principles commonly applied to biochemical and gas sensing. Our focus is particularly on passive and active optical waveguides, including dispersion engineered metamaterial based structures an essential approach for enhancing the interaction between light and analytes in chip scale sensors. We harness a diverse array of cutting edge sensing technologies, heralding a revolutionary on chip sensing paradigm. Our arsenal includes refractive index based sensing, plasmonic, and spectroscopy, forging an unparalleled foundation for innovation and precision. Furthermore, we include a brief discussion of recent trends and computational concepts incorporating Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) and deep learning approaches over the past few years to improve the qualitative and quantitative analysis of sensor measurements.



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