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Infrared full-Stokes polarimetry by parametric up-conversion

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:15 authored by Zhanghang Zhu, Di Zhang, Fei Xie, Jiaxin Chen, Shengchao Gong, Wei Wu, Wei Cai, Xinzheng Zhang, Mengxin Ren, Jingjun Xu
Polarimetry aims to measure polarization information of an optical field, providing a new freedom to enhance performance of optical metrology. Furthermore, the polarimetry in infrared (IR) range holds a promise for a wide range of academic and industrial applications because the IR light relates to unique spectral signatures of various complex chemicals. However, a primary challenge in IR applications remains lacking efficient detectors. Motivated by such a constraint, we present in this paper a nonlinear up-conversion full-Stokes IR Retrieval Polarimetry (IRP) that is able to decipher the IR polarization using a well-commercial and high-performance visible light detector. Assisted by a nonlinear sum-frequency generation (SFG) process in a lithium niobate thin film, the polarization states of the IR light are encoded into the visible SF wave. Based on a Stokes-Mueller formalism developed here, the IR polarization is successfully retrieved from SF light with high precision, and polarization imaging over the targets with either uniform or non-uniform polarization distributions are demonstrated. Our results form a fresh perspective for the design of novel advanced up-conversion polarimeter for a wide range of IR metrological applications.



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