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Integrated RF-photonic Filters via Photonic-Phononic Emit-Receive Operations

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posted on 2023-11-30, 05:01 authored by Eric A. Kittlaus, Prashanta Kharel, Nils T. Otterstrom, Zheng Wang, Peter T. Rakich
The creation of high-performance narrowband filters is of great interest for many RF-signal processing applications. To this end, numerous schemes for electronic, MEMS-based, and microwave photonic filters have been demonstrated. Filtering schemes based on microwave photonic systems offer superior flexibility and tunability to traditional RF filters. However, these optical-based filters are typically limited to GHz-widths and often have large RF insertion losses, posing challenges for integration into high-fidelity radiofrequency circuits. In this article, we demonstrate a novel type of microwave filter that combines the attractive features of microwave photonic filters with high-Q phononic signal processing using a photonic-phononic emit-receive process. Through this process, a RF signal encoded on a guided optical wave is transduced onto a GHz-frequency acoustic wave, where it may be filtered through shaping of acoustic transfer functions before being re-encoded onto a spatially separate optical probe. This emit-receive functionality, realized in an integrated silicon waveguide, produces MHz-bandwidth band-pass filtering while supporting low RF insertion losses necessary for high dynamic range in a microwave photonic link. We also demonstrate record-high internal efficiency for emit-receive operations of this type, and show that the emit-receive operation is uniquely suitable for the creation of serial filter banks with minimal loss of fidelity. This photonic-phononic emitter-receiver represents a new method for low-distortion signal-processing in an integrated all-silicon device.



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