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Integrated lithium niobate optical phased array for two-dimensional beam steering

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posted on 2023-03-30, 16:01 authored by Gongcheng Yue, Yang Li
Optical phased arrays (OPAs) with high speed, low power consumption, and low insertion loss are appealing for many applications, such as light detection and ranging, free-space communication, image projection, and imaging. These OPAs can be achieved by fully leveraging the high electro-optic modulation speed, low driving voltage, and low optical loss of integrated lithium niobate (LN) photonics. Here we present an integrated LN OPA operating in the near-infrared regime, demonstrating a 24 * 8{\deg} two-dimensional beam steering, a far-field beam spot with full-width at half-maximum of 2 * 0.6{\deg}, and a side lobe suppression level of 10 dB. Additionally, our OPA's phase modulator features a half wave voltage of 6 V. Our OPA opens the door of high speed, low power-consumption, and low loss integrated LN OPAs for various applications.



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