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Integrated multi-color Raman microlasers with ultra-low pump levels in single high-Q lithium niobate microdisks

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posted on 2023-12-20, 17:00 authored by Guanghui Zhao, Jintian Lin, Botao Fu, Renhong Gao, Chuntao Li, Ni Yao, Jianglin Guan, Minghui Li, Min Wang, Lingling Qiao, Ya Cheng
Photonic integrated Raman microlasers, particularly discrete multi-color lasers which are crucial for extending the emission wavelength range of chip-scale laser sources to much shorter wavelength, are highly in demand for various spectroscopy, microscopy analysis, and biological detection. However, integrated multi-color Raman microlasers have yet to be demonstrated because of the requirement of high-Q microresonators possessing large second-order nonlinearity and strong Raman phonon branches and the challenging in cavity-enhanced multi-photon hyper-Raman scattering parametric process. In this work, integrated multi-color Raman lasers have been demonstrated for the first time at weak pump levels, via the excitation of high-Q (>6 X 10^6) phase-matched modes in single thin-film lithium niobate (TFLN) microresonators by dispersion engineering. Raman lasing was observed at 1712 nm for a 1546-nm pump threshold power of only 620 uW. Furthermore, multi-color Raman lasers were realized at discrete wavelengths of 1712 nm, 813 nm, 533 nm and 406 nm with pump levels as low as 1.60 mW, which is more than two order of magnitude lower than the current records (i.e., 200 mW) in bulk resonators, allowed by the fulfillment of the requisite conditions consisting of broadband natural phase match, multiple-resonance and high Q-factors.



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