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Invariance property of the Fisher information in scattering media

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posted on 2023-01-11, 23:05 authored by Michael Horodynski, Dorian Bouchet, Stefan Rotter
Determining the ultimate precision limit for measurements on a sub-wavelength particle with coherent laser light is a goal with applications in areas as diverse as biophysics and nanotechnology. Here, we demonstrate that surrounding such a particle with a complex scattering environment does, on average, not have any influence on the mean quantum Fisher information associated with measurements on the particle. As a remarkable consequence, the average precision that can be achieved when estimating the particle's properties is the same in the ballistic and in the diffusive scattering regime, independently of the particle's position within its complex environment. This invariance law breaks down only in the regime of Anderson localization, due to increased speckle correlations. Finally, we show how these results connect to the mean quantum Fisher information achievable with spatially optimized input fields.



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