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Inverse Design of All-dielectric Metasurfaces with Bound States in the Continuum

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posted on 2023-05-20, 16:09 authored by Sergei Gladyshev, Theodosios D. Karamanos, Lina Kuhn, Dominik Beutel, Thomas Weiss, Carsten Rockstuhl, Andrey Bogdanov
Metasurfaces with bound states in the continuum (BICs) have proven to be a powerful platform for drastically enhancing light-matter interactions, improving biosensing, and precisely manipulating near- and far-fields. However, engineering metasurfaces to provide an on-demand spectral and angular position for a BIC remains a prime challenge. A conventional solution involves a fine adjustment of geometrical parameters, requiring multiple time-consuming calculations. In this work, to circumvent such tedious processes, we develop a physics-inspired, inverse design method on all-dielectric metasurfaces for an on-demand spectral and angular position of a BIC. Our suggested method predicts the core-shell particles that constitute the unit cell of the metasurface, while considering practical limitations on geometry and available materials. Our method is based on a smart combination of a semi-analytical solution, for predicting the required dipolar Mie coefficients of the meta-atom, and a machine learning algorithm, for finding a practical design of the meta-atom that provides these Mie coefficients. Although our approach is exemplified in designing a metasurface sustaining a BIC, it can, also, be applied to many more objective functions. With that, we pave the way toward a general framework for the inverse design of metasurfaces in specific and nanophotonic structures in general.



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