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Investigation of spatiotemporal output beam profile instabilities from differentially pumped capillaries

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:07 authored by Martin Gebhardt, Emmanuel B. Amuah, Robert Klas, Henning Stark, Joachim Buldt, Albrecht Steinkopff, Jens Limpert
Differentially pumped capillaries, i.e., capillaries operated in a pressure gradient environment, are widely used for nonlinear pulse compression. In this work, we show that strong pressure gradients and high gas throughputs can cause spatiotemporal instabilities of the output beam profile. The instabilities occur with a sudden onset as the flow evolves from laminar to turbulent. Based on the experimental and numerical results, we derive guidelines to predict the onset of those instabilities and discuss possible applications in the context of nonlinear flow dynamics.



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