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Juno: a Python-based optical system design package

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posted on 2023-07-13, 09:23 authored by Alex de Marco, Alex Dierickx, Alex Cleeve, Sergey Gorelick
This report introduces Juno, a modular Python package for optical design and simulation. Juno consists of a complete library that includes a graphical user interface to design and visualise arbitrary optical elements, set up wave propagation simulations and visualise their results. To ensure an efficient visualisation of the results, all simulation data are stored in a structured database that can filter and sort the output. Finally, we present a practical use case for Juno, where optical design and fabrication are interlaced in a feedback cycle. The presented data show how to compare the simulated and the measured propagation; if a difference or unexpected behaviour is found, we show how to convert and import the optical element profile from a profilometer measurement. The propagation through the profile can provide immediate feedback about the quality of the element and a measure of the effects brought by differences between the idealised and the fabricated profile.


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Australian Research Council; Australian Research Data Commons

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