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Large Quality Factor Enhancement Based on Cascaded Uniform Lithium Niobate Bichromatic Photonic Crystal Cavities

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posted on 2023-01-06, 17:02 authored by Rui Ge, Xiongshuo Yan, Zhaokang Liang, Hao Li, Jiangwei Wu, Xiangmin Liu, Yuping Chen, Xianfeng Chen
In this paper, by cascading several bichromatic photonic crystals we demonstrate that the quality factor can be much larger compared with that in an isolated cavity without increasing the total size of the device. We take lithium niobate photonic crystal as an example to illustrate that the simulated quality factor of the cascaded cavity can attain 10^5 with a 70{\deg} slant angle, which is an order of magnitude larger than that in isolated cavity. The device can be fabricated easily by current etching technique for lithium niobate. We have fabricated the proposed device experimentally including holes with 70{\deg} slant angle. This work is expected to provide guidance to the design of photonic crystal cavity with high-quality factor.



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