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Light-assisted hierarchical fabrication of two-dimensional surfaces using DNA-functionalized semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots

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posted on 2023-07-22, 16:00 authored by Zeynep Senel, Ruby Phul, Ahmet Faruk Yazıcı, Akrema, Emirhan Taze, Talha Erdem
The development of novel strategies for self-assembly in the field of nanotechnology has witnessed remarkable progress in recent years. Here, we present a DNA-driven programmable self-assembly to fabricate the targeted nanophotonic structures. The exploitation of the programmable properties of DNA and the unique optical properties of QDs unfolds the ability to engineer complex nanostructures with laser irradiation. The main advantages of this method are the precise interaction of colloidal quantum dots (QDs)/nanoparticles (NPs) with the substrate and its reversibility in tuning the temperature of the medium. Two-dimensional (2D) hierarchical patterns of QD-ssDNA (ss-single stranded) conjugates were formed over the amine-ssDNA (NH-ssDNA complementary to the ssDNA conjugated with QDs) coated glass substrates using the laser (green laser light) radiation for3 or4 h. The localised heating effect of laser created a dark spot on the substrate where the laser was irradiated. The optical microscopy images confirmed the effect of laser irradiation on the coating behaviour of QD-ssDNA conjugates on the substrate. Further, green-emitting QD-ssDNA were coated onto the hole created by laser radiation over the red-emitting QD-ssDNA-coated substrate. The optical properties of DNA-functionalized QDs can be actively controlled on the complementary DNA-functionalized glass surface by an external optical excitation. The results of this study demonstrate the potential of light-driven self-assembly as a powerful tool for fabricating desired nanostructures of DNA-QD conjugates. This technique holds promise for various applications, including the development of advanced optical devices, nanophotonic circuits, and bioengineering systems.



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