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Light-matter entanglement after above-threshold ionization processes in atoms

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:44 authored by Javier Rivera-Dean, Philipp Stammer, Andrew S. Maxwell, Theocharis Lamprou, Paraskevas Tzallas, Maciej Lewenstein, Marcelo F. Ciappina
Light-matter entanglement plays a fundamental role in many applications of quantum information science. Thus, finding processes where it can be observed is an important task. Here, we address this matter by theoretically investigating the entanglement between light and electrons generated in above-threshold ionization (ATI) process. The study is based on the back-action of the ATI process on the quantum optical state of the system, and its dependence on the kinetic energy and direction of the emitted photoelectrons. Taking into account the dynamics of the process, we demonstrate the creation of hybrid entangled states. The amount of entanglement has been studied in terms of the entropy of entanglement. Additionally, we use the Wigner function of the driving field mode to motivate the entanglement characterization when considering electrons propagating in opposite directions.



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