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MaPBI3 and 2D hybrid organic inorganic perovskite based microcavities employing periodic, aperiodic and disordered photonic structures and with the possibility of light-induced tuning

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:23 authored by Michele Bellingeri, Francesco Scotognella
Inorganic-organic perovskites semiconductors are becoming increasingly interesting due to their remarkable optical properties, such as a high photoluminescence quantum yield and the possibility to show optical gain in a broad range of wavelengths. We have here simulated microcavities that embed MaPBI3 and 2D hybrid organic inorganic perovskite semiconductors by sandwiching such active layers between periodic, aperiodic and disordered photonic structures. We have carefully considered the refractive index dispersion of all the materials employed, such silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide and the perovskite layers. Moreover, by employing a photochromatic polymer, namely the diarylethene-based polyester pDTE, we have designed a microcavity with light-induced tuning of the cavity modes is possible.



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