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Magnetic hot-spots generation at optical frequencies in all-dielectric mesoscale Janus particles

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:31 authored by Oleg V. Minin, Song Zhou, Igor V. Minin
At optical frequencies due to the small value of the magnetic permeability of natural materials, the magnetic effects are week. To this end, the natural dielectric materials are unemployable for practical magnetic applications in optics. We have shown that it is possible to induce the intense magnetic hot spots in a Janus dielectric mesoscale particle. The basic idea of the Janus particle based on a combination of the effects of a photonic jet, whispering gallery waves and the concept of solid immersion. Simulations show that H^2/E^2 contrast maybe more 10 and maximal magnetic field intensity enhancement is more than 1000 for a wavelength-scaled particle with refractive index less than 2.



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