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Maximizing electro-optic switch performance with a compact asymmetric coupler enhanced by Bezier bends

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posted on 2023-08-21, 08:26 authored by Noor Afsary, Md Koushik Alam, Karimul Hoque, MD Omar Faruk Rasel
The pursuit of high-speed and energy-efficient data transmission has spotlighted electro-optic (EO) switches as crucial components shaping the future of communication networks. This paper introduces a novel EO switch utilizing a coupler-based approach implemented on the Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) platform. The aim is to optimize the efficiency and functionality of EO switches. Notably, this switch strategically incorporates a Bezier S bend to mitigate bending losses, resulting in a substantial 0.18 dB reduction in bending loss. The proposed switch demonstrates an excess loss of 0.33 dB and crosstalk of -20.44 dB for bar port switching, while cross port switching exhibits an excess loss of 0.64 dB and crosstalk of -13.66 dB. By applying a 3.27 V voltage, a balanced splitting ratio of 29:29:29 is achieved among the cores, highlighting the switch's precise control over signal distribution. The switch is 4.09 mm long and needs 4.1V to create a phase shift, showing a voltage efficiency of 1.68 V/cm. This study presents a promising pathway for advanced EO switch design, promising improved signal management in modern communication systems.


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