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Metamaterial Thermoelectric Conversion

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:33 authored by Takuya Asakura, Toshinari Odaka, Ryosuke Nakayama, Sohei Saito, Shohei Katsumata, Takuo Tanaka, Wakana Kubo
We propose a thermoelectric device that can produce a thermal gradient even in a uniform-temperature environment. We introduced a metamaterial absorber (MA), which comprised a transparent calcium fluoride layer sandwiched between a silver mirror layer and silver microdisk arrays, at one end of a thermoelectric device made of bismuth antimony telluride. The heating efficiencies of the MA and opposite electrodes of the device were unbalanced; consequently, the Seebeck effect was induced, resulting in electricity generation. We fabricated the MA on a copper electrode loaded on a thermoelectric device, and the device was placed in a uniform-temperature environment at 364 K. The thermal gradient across the device was experimentally measured and was found to be 0.14 K.



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