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Metasurface-dressed two-dimensional on-chip waveguide for free-space light field manipulation

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:26 authored by Yimin Ding, Xi Chen, Yao Duan, Haiyang Huang, Lidan Zhang, Shengyuan Chang, Xuexue Guo, Xingjie Ni
We show that a metasurface-coated two-dimensional (2D) slab waveguide enables the generation of arbitrary complex light fields by combining the extreme versatility and freedom on wavefront control of optical metasurfaces with the compactness of photonic integrated circuits. We demonstrated off-chip 2D focusing and holographic projection with our metasurface-dressed photonic integrated devices. This technology holds the potential for many other optical applications requiring 2D light field manipulation with full on-chip integration, such as solid-state LiDAR and near-eye AR/VR displays.



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