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Metasurface for programmable quantum algorithms with quantum and classical light

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posted on 2023-07-19, 16:00 authored by Randy Stefan Tanuwijaya, Hong Liang, Jiawei Xi, Tsz Kit Yung, Wing Yim Tam, Jensen Li
Metasurfaces have recently opened up applications in the quantum regime, including quantum tomography and the generation of quantum entangled states. With their capability to store a vast amount of information by utilizing the various geometric degrees of freedom of nanostructures, metasurfaces are expected to be useful for processing quantum information. In this study, we propose and experimentally demonstrate a programmable metasurface capable of performing quantum algorithms using both classical light and quantum light at the single photon level. Our approach encodes multiple programmable quantum algorithms, such as Grover's algorithm and the quantum Fourier transform, onto the same metalens array on a metasurface. A spatial light modulator selectively excites different sets of metalenses to carry out the quantum algorithms, while the photon arrival data or interference patterns captured by a single photon camera are used to extract information about the output state. Our programmable quantum metasurface approach holds potential as a cost-effective means of miniaturizing components for quantum computing and information processing.



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