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Molecular and solid-state topological polaritons induced by population imbalance

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posted on 2023-01-28, 17:01 authored by Sindhana Pannir-Sivajothi, Nathaniel P. Stern, Joel Yuen-Zhou
Strong coupling between electronic excitations in materials and photon modes results in the formation of polaritons, which display larger nonlinearities than their photonic counterparts due to their material component. We theoretically investigate how to optically control the topological properties of molecular and solid-state exciton-polariton systems by exploiting one such nonlinearity: saturation of electronic transitions. We demonstrate modification of the Berry curvature of three different materials when placed within a Fabry-Perot cavity and pumped with circularly polarized light, illustrating the broad applicability of our scheme. Importantly, while optical pumping leads to non-zero Chern invariants, unidirectional edge states do not emerge in our system as the bulk-boundary correspondence is not applicable. This work demonstrates a versatile approach to control topological properties of novel optoelectronic materials.



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