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Momentum-space Scattering Extremizations

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posted on 2023-05-20, 16:10 authored by Chunchao Wen, Jianfa Zhang, Shiqiao Qin, Zhihong Zhu, Wei Liu
Studies into scatterings of photonic structures have been so far overwhelmingly focused on their dependencies on the spatial and spectral morphologies of the incident waves. In contrast, the evolution of scattering properties through another parameter space of incident directions (momentum space) has attracted comparably little attention, though of profound importance for various scattering-related applications. Here we investigate, from the perspective of quasi-normal modes (QNMs), the momentum-space scattering extremizations with respect to varying incident directions of plane waves. It is revealed that for effective single-QNM excitations, scatterings are maximized exactly along those directions where the QNM radiation reaches its maximum, with matched incident and radiation polarizations. For an arbitrary direction, when the incident polarization is tuned to be orthogonal to that of the mode radiation, the QNM cannot be excited and thus the scatterer becomes invisible with null scatterings. The principles we have revealed are protected by fundamental laws of reciprocity and energy conservation (optical theorem), which can be further expanded and applied for other branches of wave physics.



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