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Monolithically integrated waveguide-coupled single-frequency microlaser on erbium-doped thin film lithium niobate

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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:52 authored by Youting Liang, Junxia Zhou, Rongbo Wu, Zhiwei Fang, Zhaoxiang Liu, Shupeng Yu, Difeng Yin, Haisu Zhang, Yuan Zhou, Jian Liu, Zhenhua Wang, Min Wang, Ya Cheng
We overcome the difficulty in realizing a monolithic waveguide-coupled microring laser integrated on erbium-doped thin film lithium niobate (Er: TFLN) using photolithography assisted chemo-mechanical etching (PLACE) technique. We demonstrate an integrated single-frequency microring laser operating around 1531 nm wavelength. The PLACE technique, enabling integrated Er: TFLN photonics with low propagation loss, can thus be used to realize low cost mass production of monolithic on-chip microlasers with applications ranging from optical communication and photonic integrated circuit (PIC) to precision metrology and large-scale sensing.



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