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Multi-octave high-dynamic range optical spectrometer for single-pulse diagnostic applications

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:34 authored by Omid Zarini, Jurjen Couperus Cabadağ, Yen-Yu Chang, Alexander Köhler, Thomas Kurz, Susanne Schöbel, Wolfgang Seidel, Michael Bussmann, Ulrich Schramm, Alexander Debus
We present design and realization of an ultra-broadband optical spectrometer capable of measuring the spectral intensity of multi-octave-spanning light sources on a single-pulse basis with a dynamic range of up to 8 orders of magnitude. The instrument is optimized for the characterization of the temporal structure of femtosecond long electron bunches by analyzing the emitted coherent transition radiation (CTR) spectra. The spectrometer operates within the spectral range of 250nm to 11.35$\mu$m, corresponding to 5.5 optical octaves. This is achieved by dividing the signal beam into three spectral groups, each analyzed by a dedicated spectrometer and detector unit. The complete instrument was characterized with regard to wavelength, relative spectral sensitivity, and absolute photo-metric sensitivity, always accounting for the light polarization and comparing different calibration methods. Finally, the capability of the spectrometer is demonstrated with a CTR measurement of a laser wakefield accelerated electron bunch, enabling to determine temporal pulse structures at unprecedented resolution.



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