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Multifrequency and multimode topological waveguides in Stampfli-triangle photonic crystal with large valley Chern numbers

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Version 2 2023-06-08, 12:44
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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:44 authored by Bei Yan, Yiwei Peng, Jianlan Xie, Yuchen Peng, Aoqian Shi, Hang Li, Feng Gao, Peng Peng, Jiapei Jiang, Fei Gao, Jianjun Liu, Shuangchun Wen
Topological photonics and its topological edge state which can suppress scattering and immune defects set off a research boom. Recently, the quantum valley Hall effect (QVHE) with large valley Chern number and its multimode topological transmission have been realized, which greatly improve the mode density of the topological waveguide and its coupling efficiency with other photonic devices. The multifrequency QVHE and its topological transmission have been realized to increase the transmission capacity of topological waveguide, but multifrequency and multimode QVHE have not been realized simultaneously. In this Letter, the valley photonic crystal (VPC) is constructed with the Stampfli-triangle photonic crystal (STPC), and its degeneracies in the low-frequency and high-frequency bands are broken simultaneously to realize the multifrequency and multimode QVHE. The multifrequency and multimode topological transmission is realized through the U-shaped waveguide constructed with two VPCs with opposite valley Chern numbers. According to the bulk-edge correspondence principle, the Chern number is equal to the number of topological edge states or topological waveguide modes. Therefore, we can determine the valley Chern number of the VPC by the number of topological edge states or topological waveguide modes, further determine the realization of large valley Chern number. These results provide new ideas for high-efficiency and high-capacity optical transmission and communication devices and their integration, and broaden the application range of topological edge states.



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