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Multifunctional chalcogenide (As2S3, As2Se3) dual-core PCF design for mid-IR optical communications

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:48 authored by A K M Sharoar Jahan Choyon, Ruhin Chowdhury
This work presents an integrated design of a multifunctional hexagonal lattice dual-core photonic crystal fiber (DC-PCF) with elliptical air-hole surrounding the cores, using two different chalcogenides (As2S3-Arsenic sulfide and As2Se3-Arsenic selenide) for mid-infrared (mid-IR) optical communications. Numerical study of both chalcogenide DC-PCF structures exhibits that the DC-PCFs are highly birefringent and single-moded in the mid-IR wavelength region (5 um to 13 um) of optical communications. Results show that both DC-PCFs can be operated as polarization splitters at 9 um wavelength for two orthogonal modes and they can also be used as WDM MUX-DeMUX for both X- and Y-polarization fundamental supermodes separating 9 um/10 um wavelengths (As2S3 DC-PCF) and 8 um/9 um wavelengths (As2Se3 DC-PCF). Moreover, the proposed chalcogenide DC-PCFs, with much lower splice loss at 8-10 um wavelength region, are appropriate enough for the practical applications in integrated optics and photonics.



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