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Multimode resonance transition to collapsed snaking in normal dispersion Kerr resonators: Bright versus dark solitons

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posted on 2023-07-13, 16:01 authored by Yifan Sun, Stefan Wabnitz, Pedro Parra-Rivas
We study the dynamics of Kerr cavity solitons in the normal dispersion regime, in the presence of an intracavity phase modulation. The associated parabolic potential introduces multimode resonances, which promote the formation of high-order bright solitons. By gradually reducing the potential strength, bright solitons undergo a transition into dark solitons. We describe this process as a shift from a multimode resonance to a collapsed snaking bifurcation structure. This work offers a comprehensive overview of cavity dynamics and may provide a potential pathway to access multi-stable states by effectively varying the phase modulation.



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