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Multiple-scattering model for the effective refractive index of dense suspensions of forward-scattering particles

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posted on 2023-04-25, 16:00 authored by Alexander Nahmad-Rohen, Augusto García-Valenzuela
We present a multiple-scattering model for the effective refractive index of an arbitrarily dense suspension of forward-scattering particles. The model provides a very simple formula for the effective refractive index of such a suspension and reproduces with high accuracy available experimental results. Furthermore, the derivation we present herein is mathematically transparent and enables us to obtain information on the underlying physical processes rather than obscuring them. We also provide insight into the extent of the model's validity and a simple way to determine whether or not it will be valid for an arbitrary suspension. Due to its simplicity, analytical closedness and wide range of applicability, we believe the model can be used as a diagnostic tool for complex materials of vastly different natures.



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