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Multipole higher-order topology in a multimode lattice

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:42 authored by Maxim Mazanov, Anton S. Kupriianov, Roman S. Savelev, Zuxian He, Maxim A. Gorlach
The concepts of topology have a profound impact on physics research spanning the fields of condensed matter, photonics and acoustics and predicting topological states that provide unprecedented versatility in routing and control of waves of various nature. Higher-order topological insulators further expand this plethora of possibilities towards extended range of structure dimensionalities. Here, we put forward a novel class of two-dimensional multipolar higher-order topological insulators that arise due to the interference of the degenerate modes of the individual meta-atoms generalizing the mechanism of spin-orbit coupling in condensed matter systems. We prove that this model features disorder-robust corner modes and cannot be reduced to the known crystalline topological phases or conventional quadrupole insulators, providing the first example of multipolar topology in a $C_3$-symmetric lattice featuring quantized octupole moment. The multimode nature of the lattice gives rise to flat bands and corner states with extreme localization enabling coherent control of the topological modes. We support our predictions by assembling the designed structure, observing multipolar topological corner states and experimentally demonstrating their coherent control.



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