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Multiresonant metasurfaces for arbitrarily-broadband pulse chirping and dispersion compensation

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posted on 2023-04-01, 16:01 authored by Odysseas Tsilipakos, Thomas Koschny
We show that ultrathin metasurfaces with a specific multiresonant response can enable simultaneously arbitrarily-strong and arbitrarily-broadband dispersion compensation, pulse (de-)chirping and compression or broadening. This breakthrough overcomes the fundamental limitations of both conventional non-resonant approaches (bulky) and modern singly-resonant metasurfaces (narrowband) for quadratic phase manipulations of electromagnetic signals. The required non-uniform trains of resonances in the electric and magnetic sheet conductivities that completely control phase delay, group delay, and chirp, are rigorously derived and the limitations imposed by fundamental physical constraints are thoroughly discussed. Subsequently, a practical, truncated approximation by finite sequences of physically-realizable linear resonances is constructed and the associated error is quantified. By appropriate spectral ordering of the resonances, operation can be achieved either in transmission or reflection mode, enabling full space coverage. The proposed concept is not limited to dispersion compensation, but introduces a generic and powerful ultrathin platform for the spatio-temporal control of broadband real-world signals with a myriad of applications in modern optics, microwave photonics, radar and communication systems.



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