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Multistable topological edge states in double-wave chains of polariton condensates

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posted on 2023-03-24, 16:02 authored by Tobias Schneider, Wenlong Gao, Thomas Zentgraf, Stefan Schumacher, Xuekai Ma
Topological edge states have been widely investigated in different types of lattices. In the present work, we report on topological edge states in double-wave potential chains, which can be described by a generalized Aubry-Andr\'e-Harper (AAH) model, applied to a driven-dissipative exciton polariton system. We show that in such potential chains, different types of edge states can form. For resonant optical excitation, the nonlinearity resulting from the repulsive polariton-polariton interaction leads to a multistability of different edge states that are stabilized for the same set of system and excitation parameters. This includes topologically protected edge states evolved directly from the individual linear eigenmodes of the system as well as additional edge states that originate from the localization of bulk states in the presence of nonlinearity. Generally, the interplay of topological localization and nonlinearity opens up exciting prospects for functional topological structures.



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