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N-slit quantum interferometry in the Planck domain

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posted on 2024-06-07, 10:06 authored by Francisco Duarte, Ignacio Olivares
𝑁-slit quantum interferometers, with dimensions in the near Planck-scale range, are designed and theoretically quantified. Illumination is assumed to be at wavelengths in the Planck length regime (𝑙 𝑝 ) . These calculations demonstrate that, from an interferometric perspective, standard quantum mechanics via the Dirac-Feynman principle, can reach spatial resolution scales in the 10 Γ— 𝑙 𝑝 range.


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Departamento de Investigaciones CientΓ­ficas y TecnolΓ³gicas, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (042031OB)

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