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Nanometer-precision surface metrology of millimeter-size stepped objects using full-cascade-linked synthetic-wavelength digital holography using a line-by-line full-mode-extracted optical frequency comb

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posted on 2023-01-27, 17:01 authored by Eiji Hase, Yu Tokizane, Kazuki Sadahiro, Takeo Minamikawa, Isao Morohashi, Takeshi Yasui
Digital holography (DH) is a powerful tool for surface profilometry of objects with sub-wavelength precision. In this article, we demonstrate full-cascade-linked synthetic-wavelength DH (FCL-SW-DH) for nanometer-precision surface metrology of millimeter-size stepped objects. 300 modes of optical frequency comb (OFC) with different wavelengths are sequentially extracted at a step of mode spacing from a 10GHz-spacing, 3.72THz-spanning electro-optic modulator OFC (EOM-OFC). The resulting 299 synthetic wavelengths and a single optical wavelength are used to generate a fine-step wide-range cascade link covering within a wavelength range of 1.54 um to 29.7 mm. We determine the 0.1000mm-stepped surface with axial uncertainty of 6.1 nm within the maximum axial range of 14.85 mm.



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