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Near-field thermal emission from metasurfaces constructed of SiC ellipsoidal particles

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posted on 2023-05-30, 16:01 authored by Lindsay P. Walter, Joseph C. McKay, Bart Raeymaekers, Mathieu Francoeur
We model near-field thermal emission from metasurfaces structured as two-dimensional arrays of ellipsoidal SiC particles. The modeling approach is developed from fluctuational electrodynamics and is applicable to systems of ellipsoidal particles within the dipole limit. In all simulations, the radial lengths of particles are restricted to the range of 10 to 100 nm, and interparticle spacing is constrained to at least three times the particle characteristic length. The orientation and dimensions of constituent ellipsoidal particles are varied to tune localized surface phonon resonances and control the near-field energy density above metasurfaces. Results show that particle orientation can be used to regulate the relative magnitude of resonances in the energy density and particle dimensions may be changed to adjust the frequency of these resonances within the Reststrahlen band. Metasurfaces constructed from particles with randomized dimensions display comparatively broadband thermal emission rather than the three distinct resonances seen in metasurfaces made with ellipsoidal particles of equivalent dimensions. When the interparticle spacing in a metasurface exceeds about three times the particle characteristic length, the spectral energy density above the metasurface is dominated by individual particle self-interaction and can be approximated as a linear combination of single-particle spectra. When interparticle spacing is at the lower limit of three times the characteristic length, however, multiparticle interaction effects increase, and the spectral energy density above a metasurface deviates from that of single particles. This work provides guidance for designing all-dielectric, particle-based metasurfaces with desired near-field thermal emission spectra, such as thermal switches.



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