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Neural-network-powered pulse reconstruction from one-dimensional interferometric cross-correlation traces

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:22 authored by Pavel V. Kolesnichenko, Donatas Zigmantas
Any ultrafast optical spectroscopy experiment is usually accompanied by the necessary routine of ultrashort-pulse characterisation. The majority of pulse characterisation approaches solve either a one-dimensional (e.g. via interferometry) or a two-dimensional (e.g. via frequency-resolved measurements) problem. Solution of the two-dimensional pulse-retrieval problem is generally more consistent due to problem's over-determined nature. In contrast, the one-dimensional pulse-retrieval problem is impossible to solve unambiguously as ultimately imposed by the fundamental theorem of algebra. In cases where additional constraints are involved, the one-dimensional problem may be possible to solve, however, existing iterative algorithms lack generality, and often stagnate for complicated pulse shapes. Here we use a deep neural network to unambiguously solve a constrained one-dimensional pulse-retrieval problem and show the potential of fast, reliable, and complete pulse characterisation using interferometric cross-correlation time traces (determined by the pulses with partial spectral overlap).



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