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Noise-induced dynamics and photon statistics in bimodal quantum-dot micropillar lasers

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posted on 2023-06-14, 16:00 authored by Yanqiang Guo, Jianfei Zhang, Xiaomin Guo, Stephan Reitzenstein, Liantuan Xiao
Emission characteristics of quantum-dot micropillar lasers (QDMLs) are located at the intersection of nanophotonics and nonlinear dynamics, which provides an ideal platform for studying the optical interface between classical and quantum systems. In this work, a noise-induced bimodal QDML with orthogonal dual-mode outputs is modeled, and nonlinear dynamics, stochastic mode jumping and quantum statistics with the variation of stochastic noise intensity are investigated. Noise-induced effects lead to the emergence of two intensity bifurcation points for the strong and the weak mode, and the maximum output power of the strong mode becomes larger as the noise intensity increases. The anti-correlation of the two modes reaches the maximum at the second intensity bifurcation point. The dual-mode stochastic jumping frequency and effective bandwidth can exceed 100 GHz and 30 GHz under the noise-induced effect. Moreover, the noise-induced photon correlations of both modes simultaneously exhibit super-thermal bunching effects ($g^{(2)}(0)>2$) in the low injection current region. The $g^{(2)}(0)$-value of the strong mode can reach over 6 in the high injection current region. Photon bunching ($g^{(2)}(0)>1$) of both modes is observed over a wide range of noise intensities and injection currents. In the presence of the noise-induced effect, the photon number distribution of the strong or the weak mode is a mixture of Bose-Einstein and Poisson distributions. As the noise intensity increases, the photon number distribution of the strong mode is dominated by the Bose-Einstein distribution, and the proportion of the Poisson distribution is increased in the high injection current region, while that of the weak mode is reduced. Our results contribute to the development preparation of super-bunching quantum integrated light sources for improving the spatiotemporal resolution of quantum sensing measurements.



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