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Non-Bloch dynamics and topology in a classical non-equilibrium process

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posted on 2023-06-22, 16:02 authored by Bo Li, He-Ran Wang, Fei Song, Zhong Wang
The non-Hermitian skin effect refers to the accumulation of eigenstates near the boundary in open boundary lattice models, which can be systematically characterized using the non-Bloch band theory. Here, we apply the non-Bloch band theory to investigate the stochastic reaction-diffusion process by mapping it to a non-Hermitian Kitaev chain. We exactly obtain the open boundary spectrum and the generalized Brillouin zone, and identify a robust zero mode arising from the non-Bloch topology. Notably, distinct from its Hermitian counterpart in the quantum context, the zero mode supports anomalous dynamical crossover in the Markov process. We quantitatively demonstrate the intriguing dynamical effects through the spectral decomposition of the Hamiltonian on the non-Bloch eigenstates, and confirm our findings by conducting stochastic simulations with high accuracy. Our study highlights the significant and general role of non-Bloch topology in non-equilibrium dynamics.



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