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Non-Hermitian Mode Cleaning in Periodically Modulated Multimode Fibers

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posted on 2023-01-10, 03:21 authored by M. N. Akhter, S. B. Ivars, M. Botey, R. Herrero, K. Staliunas
We show that the simultaneous modulation of the propagation constant and of the gain/loss coefficient along the multimode fibers results in unidirectional coupling among the modes, which, depending on the modulation parameters, leads to the enhancement or reduction of the excitation of higher order transverse modes. In the latter case, effective mode-cleaning is predicted, in ideal case resulting in single-mode spatially coherent output. The effect is semi-analytically predicted on a simplified Gaussian beam approximation and numerically proven by solving the wave propagation equation introducing the modulated potential.



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