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Non-hermitian time evolution: from static to parametric instability

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:23 authored by Aleksi Bossart, Romain Fleury
Eigenmode coalescence imparts remarkable properties to non-hermitian time evolution, culminating in a purely non-hermitian spectral degeneracy known as an exceptional point (EP). Here, we revisit time evolution at the EP and classify two-level non-hermitian Hamiltonians in terms of the M\"obius group. We then leverage that classification to study dynamical EP encircling, by applying it to periodically-modulated (Floquet) Hamiltonians. This reveals that Floquet non-hermitian systems exhibit rich physics whose complexity is not captured by an EP-encircling rule. For example, Floquet EPs can occur without encircling and vice-versa. Instead, we show that the elaborate interplay between non-hermitian and modulation instabilities is better understood through the lens of parametric resonance.



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