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Non steady-state thermometry with optical diffraction tomography

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posted on 2023-08-10, 16:00 authored by Adarsh B Vasista, Bernard Ciraulo, Jaime Ortega Arroyo, Romain Quidant
Measurement of local temperature using label-free optical methods has gained importance as a pivotal tool in both fundamental and applied research. Yet, most of these approaches are limited to steady-state measurements of planar heat sources. However, the time taken to reach steady-state is a complex function of the volume of the heated system, the size of the heat source, and the thermal conductivity of the surroundings. As such, said time can be significantly longer than expected and many relevant systems involve 3D heat sources, thus compromising reliable temperature retrieval. Here, we systematically study the thermal landscape in a model system consisting of optically excited gold nanorods (AuNRs) in a microchamber using optical diffraction tomography (ODT) thermometry. We experimentally unravel the effect of thermal conductivity of the surroundings, microchamber height, and pump pulse duration on the thermodynamics of the microchamber. We benchmark our experimental observations against 2D numerical sumulations and quantitative phase imaging (QPI) thermometry. We also demonstrate the advantage of ODT thermometry by measuring thermal landscapes inaccessible by QPI thermometry in the form of non-planar heat sources embedded in complex environments such as biological cells. Finally, we apply ODT thermometry to a complex dynamic system consisting of colloidal AuNRs in a microchamber.



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