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Nonlinear Fiber System for Shot-noise Limited Intensity Noise Suppression and Amplification

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:43 authored by Marvin Edelmann, Yi Hua, Kemal Şafak, Franz X. Kärtner
We propose a nonlinear fiber system for shot-noise limited, all-optical intensity-noise reduction and signal amplification. The mechanism is based on the accumulation of different nonlinear phase shifts between orthogonal polarization modes in a polarization-maintaining fiber amplifier in combination with an implemented sinusoidal transmission-function. The resulting correlation between the input intensity-fluctuations and the system transmission enables tunable intensity noise reduction of the input pulse train. In the experiment, the noise spectral density of a mode-locked oscillator is suppressed by up to ~20 dB to the theoretical shot-noise limit of the measurement at -151.3 dBc/Hz with simultaneous pulse amplification of 13.5dB.



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