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Nonlinear dynamics of a self-mixing thin-slice solid-state laser subjected to Doppler shifted optical feedback

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:54 authored by Kenju Otsuka, Seiichi Sudo
Chaotic oscillations of a linearly polarized single longitudinal-mode thin-slice Nd:GdVO4 laser placed in a self-mixing laser Doppler velocity scheme were dynamic characterized in terms the intensity probability distribution, joint time-frequency analysis and short-term Fourier transformation of temporal evolutions, and the degree of disorder in the amplitude and phase of the long-term temporal evolutions. The transition from chaotic relaxation oscillations (RO) to chaotic spiking oscillations (SO) was explored via the chaotic itinerancy (CI) regime by increasing the feedback ratio toward the laser from a rotating scattering object. The intensity probability distribution was found to change from an exponential decay in the RO regime to an inverse power law in the SO regime, which manifests itself in self-organized critical behavior, while stochastic subharmonic frequency locking among the two periodicities of RO and SO takes place in the CI regime featuring quantum-noise (spontaneous emission)-induced order in the amplitude and phase of the spiking oscillations. All of the experimental results were reproduced by numerical simulations of a model equation of a single-mode self-mixing solid-state laser subjected to Doppler-shifted optical feedback from a rotating scattering object.



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