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Nonlocal response of Mie-resonant dielectric particles

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posted on 2023-11-30, 19:26 authored by Daniel A. Bobylev, Daria A. Smirnova, Maxim A. Gorlach
Mie-resonant high-index dielectric particles are at the core of modern all-dielectric photonics. In many situations, their response to the external fields is well-captured by the dipole model which neglects the excitation of higher-order multipoles. In that case, it is commonly assumed that the dipole moments induced by the external fields are given by the product of particle polarizability tensor and the field in the particle center. Here, we demonstrate that the dipole response of non-spherical subwavelength dielectric particles is significantly more complex since the dipole moments are defined not only by the field in the particle center but also by the second-order spatial derivatives of the field. As we prove, such nonlocal response is especially pronounced in the vicinity of anapole minimum in the scattering cross-section. We examine the excitation of high-index dielectric disk in microwave domain and silicon nanodisk in near infrared applying group-theoretical analysis and retrieving the nonlocal corrections to the dipole moments. Extending the discrete dipole model to include nonlocality of the dipole response, we demonstrate an improved agreement with full-wave numerical simulations. These results provide important insights into meta-optics of Mie-resonant non-spherical particles as well as metamaterials and metadevices based on them.



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