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Nonuniformly Filled Vortex Rings in Nonlinear Optics

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posted on 2023-06-01, 16:00 authored by Victor P. Ruban
A new type of long-lived solitary structures for paraxial optics with two circular polarizations of light in a homogeneous defocusing Kerr medium with an anomalous group velocity dispersion has been revealed numerically in the coupled nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations. A found hybrid three-dimensional soliton is a vortex ring against the background of a plane wave in one of the components, and the core of the vortex is filled with another component nonuniformly in azimuth angle. The existence of such quasistationary structures with a reduced symmetry in a certain parametric region is due to the saturation of the so-called sausage instability caused by the effective surface tension of a domain wall between two polarizations.



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