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Nonvolatile Tuning of Bragg Structures Using Transparent Phase-Change Materials

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posted on 2023-07-08, 04:01 authored by Nicholas A. Nobile, Chuanyu Lian, Hongyi Sun, Yi-Siou Huang, Brian Mills, Cosmin Constantin Popescu, Dennis Callahan, Juejun Hu, Carlos A. Ríos Ocampo, Nathan Youngblood
Bragg gratings offer high-performance filtering and routing of light on-chip through a periodic modulation of a waveguide's effective refractive index. Here, we model and experimentally demonstrate the use of Sb2Se3, a nonvolatile and transparent phase-change material, to tune the resonance conditions in two devices which leverage periodic Bragg gratings: a stopband filter and Fabry-Perot cavity. Through simulations, we show that similar refractive indices between silicon and amorphous Sb2Se3 can be used to induce broadband transparency, while the crystalline state can enhance the index contrast in these Bragg devices. Our experimental results show the promise and limitations of this design approach and highlight specific fabrication challenges which need to be addressed in future implementations.



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