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Numerical Analysis of Photon Absorption of Gate-defined Quantum Dots Embedded in Asymmetric Bull's-eye Optical Cavities

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posted on 2023-04-13, 16:01 authored by Sangmin Ji, Satoshi Iwamoto
Improving the photon-spin conversion efficiency without polarization dependence is a major challenge in realizing quantum interfaces gate-defined quantum dots (QDs) for polarization-encoded photonic quantum network systems. Previously, we reported the design of an air-bridge bull's-eye cavity that enhances the photon absorption efficiency of an embedded gate-defined QD regardless of the photon polarization. Here, we numerically demonstrate that a further 1.6 times improvement in efficiency is possible by simply adjusting the distance of the substrate from the semiconductor slab where the bull's-eye structure is formed. Our analysis clarifies that the upward-preferred coupling and narrow far-field emission pattern realized by substrate-induced asymmetry enable the improvement.



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