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Oblique multi-periscopic prism for field expansion of homonymous hemianopia

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posted on 2023-01-18, 12:49 authored by Mojtaba Falahati, Nish Mohith Kurukuti, Fernando Vargas-Martin, Eliezer Peli, Jae-Hyun Jung
Oblique Fresnel peripheral prisms have been used for field expansion in homonymous hemianopia mobility such as walking and driving. However, limited field expansion, low image quality, and small eye scanning range limit their effectiveness. We developed a new oblique multi-periscopic prism using a cascade of rotated half-penta prisms, which provides 42° horizontal field expansion along with 18° vertical view, high image quality, and wider eye scanning range. Feasibility and performance of a prototype using 3D-printed module are demonstrated by raytracing, photographic depiction, and Goldmann perimetry on patients with homonymous hemianopia.


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National Eye Institute (R01EY23385,P30EY003790)

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